Healthcare and well-being as resource for the future of tourism in the Orobie

Healthcare and wellness tourism, a constantly growing market, a national and territorial health strategy made-in Italy.



Wellness and healthcare: 25 billion euros more by 2025

‘Wellness and healthcare’ in first place in spending areas for Italians.


‘Wellness and healthcare’ represent the most important primary need for Italians, and also the largest ​​expenditure, according to 74% of respondents.*


Only 10%, in fact, expects to spend less in the next 5 years

* Search for Deloitte, in collaboration with Swg, for Ania



Health Valley Vision 2030

All success stories begin with a vision, and these visions to succeed must be based on strong pillars, which objectives must bring about positive and far-sighted change.


Health Valley™ Vision 2030, is built around solid values ​​and strong pillars such as:

Long-term commitments
Strategic planning
Sustainability and iteration
Efficient execution





Investment initiatives

We have outlined a global and ambitious vision for the investment initiatives that will progress up to the year 2030, and beyond.

To achieve this goal, we are implementing a three-pronged approach:


Creating new business models
Modernizing infrastructures
Supporting entrepreneurship