Vision 2030

Investment initiatives

We have outlined a global and ambitious vision for investment initiatives that will progress up to the year 2030, and beyond.

To achieve this goal, we are implementing a triple approach:


Creating new business models
Modernizing infrastructures
Supporting entrepreneurship



Active participation

Health Valley Vision 2030 provides a series of investment initiatives aimed at maximizing the collective value of investments and at the same time generate sustainable long-term returns.

We want our investors to be an active participant, a strong visionary and shareholder whose goal is to make a positive change mainly through:




  1. Stimulating innovation in sectors, business models and industries to build and maintain market leadership.
  2. Modernizing the tourism industry through a sustainable modernization process.
  3. Search for synergies and collaboration between companies and the territory.
  4. Promote good practices of corporate governance and cooperation between communities.





Three-pronged approach

To achieve this goal, we are implementing a three-pronged approach:


  1. Creating opportunities in sectors that are already established in the area and developing new sustainable business models.
  2. Modernize governance and performance management structures, infrastructure, and optimize capital allocation.
  3. Create a development tool to support entrepreneurship.



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Investment initiatives

We have identified a series of investment initiatives and entrepreneurial programs, divided into categories, sectors and thematic areas of development, dedicated, but not limited to:


  • Transport networks and new mobility infrastructure initiative
  • Sport and outdoor, expanding current infrastructure and service portfolio
  • Development of new long-term strategies for the sustainable tourism industry
  • Development of strategies for the creation of a modern wellness industry
  • Healthcare and medical centers and services
  • Modernization of the construction sector through green-building initiatives
  • Establishing research and development laboratories over the territory
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in the field of technology
  • Partnership with international academic institutions and research labs
  • Creation of a new conferencing industry





Italy → Switzerland connection

It was 1927 when it was presented for the first time the plan for freight and logistics through a railway network that from Genoa, passing through Milan, Bergamo, the Seriana Valley, crossed Switzerland to then reach its destination in Munich, Germany.


A dream never completely fulfilled, which nevertheless, over the many decades following has never ceased to excite those who, even today, see in the future of the territory the connection between Italy and Switzerland, through the Seriana Valley, the beating heart at the core of Health Valley™.