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Take good care of your body, it’s the only place where you have to live.
Jim Rohn

Health Valley Valle della Salute Bosco



Italy’s Health Valley

The main destination for stay and sojourn in Italy, where healthcare and well-being are an integral part of the mountain and lake territory, a stone’s throw from Milan.


Wellness and healthcare is wide area of personal health that goes beyond prevention and self-care to embrace the need for physical activity, healthy food and the management of one’s free time.




Orobie Lombarde Park

Where man and nature meet

The health valley is a protected area of ​​the Oriental Orobie Park of Lombardy, as well as the initiative by the same name that has the ambition to make the territory the most important European district in terms of healthcare and wellness.


The objective of the project is to present a long-term development plan that outlines a series of public and private initiatives, coordinated towards the common purpose of promoting territorial excellence based on tenets of high-standards quality of life as expression of historical, natural and cultural territorial heritage, among artistic, gastronomic and social interactions.



Human capital

Health and quality of life at the center

Health Valley is located in a privileged Italian geographical area, not only for its natural beauty, immersed in the amphitheater of the Orobie Alps’ untouched and pristine nature, but also for its proximity to Milan, the economic engine and innovation driving force of the country, and at two hours flight from the main European capitals.

Health Valley Valle della Salute Fitness


The project involves stakeholders wishing to build on a future that puts human capital, healthcare and quality of life at the center. A project that benefits not only the local communities and tourists alike, but also workers, visitors and expats in search of welcoming places capable of stimulating and enticing, while making the territory an attractive place nationally and internationally.



Health Valley

Wellness made-in Italy

The short visual presentation below introduces the Health Valley™ concept and project.